What Happens On A Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Have you ever wondered what happens on a Sunset Dolphin Cruise and should you attempt it?

Well, let us walk through your standard Sunset Dolphin Cruise and see if it is what you would want or not.

So you booked your cruise so what now?

You get up early that morning all excited about your 1st SDC and spend the whole day deciding what to wear, what to pack and who to take with.

So evening comes along and your bags are all packed and off you go with your favorite party partner in hand.

You get on the dock and you see it up close.

A sleek, white dream come true vessel.

Glimmering in the setting sun, you step aboard the vessel.

You are welcomed aboard and shown to the foredeck where you will be spending most of your time.

The cabin crew divides you into manageable groups and start with a little bit of dolphin history and lessons.

You get told the rules like:

You can shoot them but only with a camera
No throwing over edibles given to you to eat
No leaning over and trying to entice or touch the dolphins
No attempting to jump over no matter how friendly they may seem
No not throw anything, especially litter overboard
No shouting, screaming or extremely loud noises towards the dolphins
Most importantly, these are wild animals in the natural habitat and should not be disturbed in any way

So now you set off into the sunset.

Nice relaxing and soothing music plays in the background, a cool fresh breeze is blowing across the deck and you are all-lotioned up, for the last of the sun-rays and have a nice drink in your hand.

What can make this sunset even better now?

Then it happens, a squeak, a squeal and then you see them.

Frolicking like only they can, Dolphins!

The captain knows where the best sites are, where they love playing in the wake of the vessels passing through their territory.

You go crazier than anyone else on board but you grab your camera and start shooting.


Before you know it you’ve taken a million photos and haven’t even seen them without the camera lens.

So relax the camera and stare in awe as they dance in the rising mooning rays and the missing sun’s last light across the horizon.

You shed a tear as they disappear into the rising night but turn to the deck and realize the party back to shore is only starting and away you got to PARTY!!!!!

This is one of the only ways to explain a real SDC!!!

So you think you’ll do it now?

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