What Is A Slow Door Close Hinge?

The Slow Door Close Hinge (but for the rest of the article I will use the abbreviation SDCH for easier recognition and avoid repetition) are self-closing hinges for doors that needs to close slowly and without banging and for a different reason. You get two types of SDCHs:

  1. The overhead mounted door closer
  2. The spring hinge

As both SDCH work for the same reason and on the same principle I will concentrate on the spring hinge as it is now the more commonly used one and least expensive for both indoor and our use. Also, it is the easiest to install and repair and or adjust. It works on a self-closing hinges for doors that can be adjusted to close at your desired speed and even desired closure-fully closed or slightly ajar—this adjustment can be done on installation or later as your needs change.

Do these SDCH spring hinges come in different sizes?
Yes they do come in different sizes but only the four standard door hinge sizes:
• 3.5 x 3.5
• 4 x 4
• 4.5 x 4
• 4.5 x 4.5

As these hinges can come in different forms shapes and sizes and are standard commercial-grade it can be used in different situations and environments, such as fire doors, metal and wood doors, medium to heavyweight doors, low to medium frequency usage doors and because they also come in steel and stainless steel it can be used as normal indoor doors or outside or mo corrosive environments. As it comes with different types of tips when ordering such as ball, crown, and steeple it is good for decorative purposes as well.

As per those mentioned above, it can be found in most designs but can also be ordered in a made to order designs such as reverse spring designs, concealed switch, and concealed switch designs, and this is where it stands out from the older bulkier ugly above door SDCHs. The concealed switch is an actual electrical option switch which is quite rare to find especially in the older above door SDCHs.

Unlike some hinges and doors where they come without screws, these SDCH comes with both machine and wood screws which can be used to allow easy installations on either wooden or metal doors and on door frames. As most contractors have no idea how a door will be fitted as per customer orders or the DIY person only making last-minute decisions all these hinges comes in what you call non-handed which means it can be used as both left-handed or right-handed.

A limited mechanical warranty for all these SDCH hinges are standard but only for the life of the building.

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