What Is Spot The Ball?

If you love online games there is certainly no shortage of them to get hooked on. From Stickman Archer to Mystic Sea Treasures and even Mutilate a Dollar, online games are great way to take a break or just waste the work day.

Spot the Ball Game is a favorite no matter who you ask and surprisingly addictive. You may even be able to win some money if you get good at it.

What is Spot the Ball?

Spot the Ball is a web-based game where images taken from sporting events that involve balls are manipulated to remove the ball from an action shot. It is then up to the user to find where the ball should be based on the eye contact and body language of the athletes in the shot.

Users can scroll through dozens of images like this and click on the image where they think the ball should be. The game is much more difficult to master than it sounds as people are not always looking directly at a moving object (or at least it appears that way in the photos).

Who Sponsors these Games?

Spot the Ball started as a promotional strategy by media companies and online news outlets. It was a way to get people engaged in the site and spending some time on a page so that they may eventually read other content or perhaps convert to subscribers.

After the game grew in popularity, many different categories of sites that want to attract an audience may use this strategy.

What Types of Sports are Used?

In the UK, the sport predominantly used is football however there are other sports used around the world based on location. For example in the U.S. they used baseball, American football (soccer), or traditional American Football.

How can you win money?

Not all online games of Spot the Ball are monetized. That is, not all of them have prizes and many are just for fun. Some entities however will offer cash prizes for people who can complete the game accurately. Prize amounts can vary but are typically small in nature and may come in the form of free coupons, products, or gift cards.

For the most part, Spot the Ball is a fun online pastime for web browsers trying to kill some time. It’s a great game for all age ranges and relatively easy to set up and play.

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