What Role Does Occupational Therapy Play In Your Company?

How familiar are you with occupational health? The objective of occupational health is to safeguard employees from injuries, diseases, and death caused by poor working conditions in their companies. Due to many economic pressures in the modern world, workers strive to work for longer hours, during weekends and even in unsafe conditions in order to meet their financial objectives. Consequently, governments are emphasizing on the need for all companies to implement occupational health and safety for the well-being of the employees.

How Occupational Therapy Is Provided

The degree of occupational therapy services depends on the size and financial strength of your organization. In line with the requirements of the occupational health and safety guidelines, your company can hire occupational therapists or a part-time doctor.

In addition, health specialist such as physiotherapists, ergonomics experts, psychologists, and occupational experts may be contacted to offer specialized services in your company. Occupational therapy is offered at the workplaces, but if your employer does not hire dedicated occupational therapists, you may be required to seek the services from external providers.

The duty of your employer according to Occupational Health Act
The Occupational health Act bestows critical responsibilities on every employer to ensure that they provide safe and healthy working conditions to their staff. That said, the Act requires your employer to:

• Identify potential health and safety threats in your workplace. The threats include electrical faults, pipe leaks, and poor ventilation.

• Take the necessary steps to remove or resolve the identified risks.

• Ensure that health and safety assessment is done regularly by an occupational health expert or other recommendable health and safety specialist.

Importance of occupational health (OH)

Occupational therapy services benefit you and your organization in the following ways:

• Enhances Safety: occupational health helps employees and employers to identify and remove safety and health threats in an organization. In addition, it ensures employers provide a conducive working environment for their workers.

• Increased Morale: Occupational health instills safe working conditions and hence increases the morale of the workers in an organization. Evidently, high morale will enhance productivity and results in your company.

• Reduce workplace stress: OH recommends workers to take regular short breaks and practice proper diet and ergonomics at their workplace. This will certainly keep you away from work-related stress that can negatively impact your morale.

• Low insurance premiums: optimum working conditions lead to low insurance payments due to few risks in the workplace.

Occupational therapy services are integral in every workplace to ensure safety and health for the employees. They contribute to increased morale and productivity among workers due to assured safety as well as a stress-free working environment. It’s the responsibility of your employer to provide occupational health and safety services in your workplace.

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