Why Camping In India Makes Sense

India is definitely one of the best countries in the world for camping. The country has a sunny climate, open fields, and many other characteristics that will entice you to the Great Outdoors. If you are considering wild camping in India, you should incorporate the ideas below into your camping plan.

Make a List

The first thing you should do is make a long list of everything you need for a successful camping experience. This list should include the number of people in the camping party, the equipment you need as well as food and other essential supplies. Your list should also include possible locations for the camp, your method of getting there (driving or hiking), and how long you want to stay at the campsite. This list should include the activities you have planned during the trip and the time you have allotted to each activity. Once you have created this list, you are on your way to a successful camping experience.

Edit Your List

This initial list is not perfect so you have to edit and fine-tune the list. There may be items you failed to include on the list so you should include them now. There might even be items you should delete from the list. Go over the list again and ensure you have everything you need on your list.

Get a Weather Report

The weather in India can be unpredictable sometimes. You do not want rain or a flash flood to ruin your wild camping in India. For this reason, you should get a weather report and use it to plan your camping trip. Once you get a favorable weather report, you can go ahead and select the perfect dates for your camping trip.

Food and Sleeping Arrangements

You cannot starve when you go camping and you cannot walk around in the wild all day. Plan your meals and make sure you have many dry and durable foods to sustain you during the trip. In addition, you should have sleeping bags, camp beds, pillows, blankets, and tarps.

Camping Gear and Equipment

When you go camping, you must have all the necessary equipment and camping gear. You need important things like tents, stakes, appropriate clothing, and poles. You also need sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and insect repellent. Other items you should have on your list are a first aid box, rain gear, powerful flashlights, matchboxes, and cooking utensils.

A camping trip in India should be fun if you do things the right way. Plan your camping trip down to the last details, implement your plan and you will enjoy the trip.

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