Why Use An Internal Mail Tracking System?

An internal mail tracking system takes a localized and customized approach to internal deliveries of packages. It is different from the programs used by the national and international logistics and courier companies. This internal mail tracker lets you track your mails and packages that enter your building or move within your organization. It will keep track of all packages up to the final destination. It comes with many useful features. Let your people know where their parcels are currently located and when those parcels will be delivered to them.

Simple Interface

Use its lookup feature to search a particular package by the package number or barcode image. You can type the recipient’s name and it will show all packages related to that recipient. As you start typing the recipient’s name, it will show the possible matching names immediately. It speeds up the process of recipient and package lookups. Send collection and delivery notifications at the right time. It allows the delivery of the goods without any delay. You can send notifications via email or through the app’s push notification. Make a secure delivery by taking the recipient’s photo or adding delivery notes. Scan the QR code to get all information about the package or to input its current location data back to the system. It minimizes the process involved in various mail processing activities.

Cloud-Based Application

The program resides in the cloud server. It means you can access all data and information related to your packages from anywhere using most computers and mobile devices. There is no risk of your data being lost if there is a problem like damaged or accident at your building. You do not have to update the program because the vendor will update it automatically at the cloud server end. It eliminates human errors substantially and improves data accuracy. Your operating cost will come down because you do not have to deploy heavy IT infrastructure at your end to maintain, manage, control and process data related to the packages.

Faster Delivery

Faster delivery can be ensured only when you streamline the whole package delivery process. You will spend less time searching for packages, reordering items, and communicating with the recipients. It leaves your employees to spend their time on more productive activities. They do not have to waste time on logistics issues that can be solved automatically by this program.

You will get all these benefits and more when you start using an internal mail tracking system of a reputable vendor. You can customize the program’s certain features to suit your specific needs.

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