Why You Need Reclaimed Shelving

Shelves are a staple decor item in most households. Despite been a decorative fitting, some individuals use shelves to hold books, beer, or kitchenware. Shelves are available in numerous sizes and shapes to suit traditional, modern, and rustic house themes. You can buy the shelves or build them depending on their design and intended use. Also, the shelves’ functionality and easiness have made the fitting popular over the decades. Designers ensure you get shelves for decor, storage, or any other purpose. You can fit them in your bedroom, kitchen, or even washrooms. Here are ideas on how to incorporate creative reclaimed shelving in a house setting.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are not only pleasing to your eyes but are also functional since they provide storage solutions, especially when you have limited floor space. Finding the right floating shelves for your theme is easy as they are available in various styles, shades, and materials. In addition, you need to confirm that you are buying quality and stylish shelves. A floating shelf can be fitted in the kitchen for extra storage space. The shelves are perfect for all types of kitchen settings and hold glasses, towels, as well as preparation tools.

Industrial Look

Homeowners should fit as many shelves as they like to get more storage for books, cosmetics, and gym materials. The interconnecting iron frames and hardware on shelves leave an industrial feeling to people using a room. Turn the empty walls into stunning centerpieces with these shelves. In addition, the rustic wood and black metal create artistically appealing shelves. Give the empty wall a whole new look with well painted and designed shelves.

Office Shelf

Save your home office from clutter by fixing shelves. Add more storage space using wooden shelves. Consider bringing some decor and displaying memorabilia with the office shelves. Choose cool colors that match your operations and theme. Add stickers to give the shelves a more appealing look. However, avoid shelves with bright paints for office decor to retain your professionalism. Confirm that the shelves are from sturdy material like wood.


Reclaimed shelving are environmentally friendly, pretty, and sustainable. The fittings are a necessity when organizing a room. Vertical shelves at the entry corridor keep everything in its right place. Moreover, the shelves are easy to build even from scratch, provided you have the right materials. Check out for stylish models online and decide on whether to buy or make the shelves for a gorgeous workstation and kitchen space.

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