Why You Should Retrofit Lights

Traditional fluorescent bulbs are giving way to new and better technologies. Many are converting their bulbs and fixtures to LED in order to reap multiple benefits. It’s a sensible decision based on the following facts:

Dwindling Support for Older Technologies

Bulbs using older technologies are currently being phased out. There are two main drivers: consumer demand and government policy. There are less people buying these bulbs since there are much better alternatives. LEDs are also becoming cheaper. There are regulations that prohibit the manufacture of parts such as ballast for these old bulbs so their days are definitely numbered.

Improvements in Energy Efficiency

There is no denying the massive increase in energy efficiency when you move from older bulbs to LEDs. You can experience between 50% to 80% savings in energy consumption. This can translate to thousands of dollars in actual savings in utility bills per year.

Reduction in Maintenance Costs

A great thing about LEDs is that they are extremely reliable. You can install them and forget them. They will simply work every time that you switch them on. They can also last for a considerably longer period than old bulbs so you won’t have to spend money on replacements frequently.

LED Conversion Rebates

In some places, households and businesses can enjoy rebates and other incentives if they switch over to more efficient lighting, appliances, and equipment. The perks can come from the federal government, the local government, or the utility companies. Be sure to check if there are such programs in place in your area so that you can take advantage of them.

Better Lighting Quality

If you are unsatisfied with the lighting in your building or in your outdoor facility, then retrofit lights. LEDs are known to provide better coverage, higher illumination, and more pleasant white light. See before and after pictures of similar projects to appreciate the remarkable transformation.

Environment-friendly Lighting

Since LED is a more efficient technology, it consumes less energy while providing more light. You can help the environment by minimizing the greenhouse gasses that we collectively emit due to our power consumption. It may be a small contribution to the cause but every drop counts. The collective effort offers substantial gains.

Sooner or later, you will have to retrofit lights. Old technologies are fading away. It is better to do it today while there are programs in place to help you save on cost.

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