You Have The Keys To The City With Omnia Card Rome

Rome has a rich heritage of history, art, and culture. There is much to see and experience around the city. If you have a limited time to spend here, then you might not be able to see it all — unless you have the Omnia Card Rome with you. This is a powerful tool for visitors as it can save time, save money, increase efficiency, and reduce stress. Below are some of the benefits that you can get from the card:

Ticket Line Privileges

Certain places attract more people than others. This can be a problem for everyone because getting in will take a lot of time. Those who only have a day or two for touring will waste lots of precious hours. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get VIP treatment and just skip the lines altogether? This is possible at selected sites if you have the Omnia card. You can avail of priority entry to such major attractions as the Sistine chapel and the Vatican Museums. Just get there and go.

Free Entry to Top Sites

In some cases, you won’t even have to worry about the entry fees as they will be waived for you. Your card is as good as a ticket so you won’t have to pay more if you go to Saint Peter’s Basilica, Saint John in the Lateran, and more. Check the official site for a list of places that you can go to for free. Grab the opportunity to see more of the city without putting a big dent on your wallet.

Go on a City Tour

While the pass card is active, you can use it to ride the hop-on, hop-off bus tour around Rome. This will stop at most of the attractions which simplifies the logistics of getting from point A to B. It runs all day with multiple buses leaving at set intervals. This is another time saver that you should make the most out of while you can. Plan your days in the city by checking the bus route and going to the sites in a logical order.

Get Help with City Navigation

The card comes with a guidebook to the city which highlights all of the must-sees. It also contains vital information about the tour bus and tips on how to plan your itinerary. With this map in hand, you will never get lost.

If you get the Omnia card Rome will be a fun playground for you to explore.

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