A Complete Guide To Straw Hats

With summer around the corner, wearing a straw hat is completely in-trend. Straw hats are also trending on the catwalk with designers promoting a range of custom straw hats, handbags and shoes for the upcoming summer season. Here’s a complete guide to how you can be on-trend as well.

Tips for shopping

• Size: Wrap a tape measure around your head. Make sure the tape is located just above the ears and above the small bump behind your ears. Use this diameter to find a straw hat for yourself.

• Brands: As these hats are trendy this season, most designer brands will have several versions on stock. Apart from high-end versions, you can find non-branded floppy hats, boaters, etc. at local stores as well.

• Comfort: Straw tends to shrink with use and it cannot be stretched back to a larger size. Make sure you buy a slightly larger size to ensure long-term comfort.

• Color: Traditional tan hats are popular. However, you will also find dyed and printed hats in a range of colors and shapes. For a specific event, custom straw hats can be made as well.

• Style: There are so many styles that we cannot list them here. In short, pick something that you like and mix and match. You cannot really go wrong as these hats suit nearly everyone. Take a look at fashion magazines like Vogue and Cosmo for inspiration and guidance.

• Body shape: Petite women should wear small hats with a small brim. To create an illusion of length, a higher crown on your hat with a slope crease works the best. For tall women, hats with a short crown are the best.

• Facial structure: Face structure also plays an important role while choosing hats. For round faces, round brims are a no-no but higher crowns work really well. For oval faces, almost all styles are ok. For long faces, avoid narrow brims and choose brims with a large curl. Women with triangular faces will do well with high crowned hats with a small brim and a big roll.

General tips:

• Do not leave your straw hat in a hot car or it loses its shape.
• Avoid wearing your hat on the back of your head. Tilt it sideways, pull it down or wear it straight.
• Once a week, wipe down your straw accessories with a sponge; once a year, get it cleaned by a professional.

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