Integrative Medicine Geelong Services

When it comes to integrative medicine Geelong has many options. This medical field might be regarded as groundbreaking, even though it uses some ancient practices. It takes the concept of mixing conventional western treatments, with various alternative therapies that could prove beneficial. Typically, this form of healthcare is offered at a treatment facility, where several practitioners are based. This gives patients the option to be treated by more than one practitioner at a time to suit them.

The principles that underpin integrative health practices can differ considerably. Some physicians might know about alternative therapies, and use the methods of a specific healing modality to treat their patients. Notwithstanding, integrative health specialists are not always medical doctors. These experts might have a network of different kinds of physicians, who they refer people to who require traditional medical treatment.

Other doctors dislike prescribing integrative medicine Geelong that is not supported by scientific research. These types of specialists will make less radical recommendations. For example, such doctors might focus on the connection between mind and body to improve a patient’s well being, instead of looking for alternative treatments to remedy a specific condition. By doing so, they might depend on practitioners who are experts in stress management, like meditation specialists, massage therapists and counselors.

Medical facilities that have a larger number of integrative health practitioners might be more helpful to people who are looking for this type of treatment. Other facilities do exist that are smaller, where just a handful of practitioners work. These still might appeal to someone who prefers a medical approach that is not totally based on western philosophies.

Integrative methods can feature in physical therapies as well. Such therapies might depend on conventional techniques, like weight lifting and other OT practices, as well as unconventional treatments, such as acupuncture to ease stress and bodywork for toning muscles. Incorporating several methods into a therapy regime can benefit patients significantly, because everyone has a unique body. It is this customized approach that really differentiates integrative treatments from traditional Western medicine, which often works on a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy.

Integrative medical strategies do not only seek to address and manage the current health issues that patients are experiencing, or the underlying causes of their illnesses or diseases. In addition, they take a preventative approach and encourage patients to adopt healthy skills and behaviors, which will improve their quality of life for many years to come.

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