A Quick Overview Of The Top Color Profiles That Vinyl Pool Liners Come In

If you are new to pool design and installation, having a rough idea about the available color profiles can save you a lot of time. Here is a quick overview of the most common profiles and some pros and cons of each.

1. Deep Blue color

Being a darker line, a deep blue liner absorbs sunlight and can help warm your pool. With this type of liner, however, seeing debris and dirt in your pool will be a bit difficult. Additionally, it is important to note that as pool liners becomes darker, they tend to fade over time due to UV damage and effects of chlorine. You are likely to notice the fading effect quicker, but it may take some time before the liner completely bleaches because most liners are printed on the darker blue vinyl.

2. Light Blue

Light blue liners are not as susceptible to fading. They attract less sunlight and will not show signs of fading or bleaching fast due to less UV damage. Unlike, the deep blue liners, these liners will show more debris, which means that you will be required to clean the pool on a more regular basis. One of reasons why this color profile is common on many high quality swimming pools is due to the fact it shows less change in the way pool patterns look over a longer period of time.

3. Aqua

This color profile is becoming more and more popular. In the past few years, when you mentioned pool color, people would instantly think of blue. However, things have changed a bit and more color varieties have been adopted. For instance, tan colored liners are popular among pool owners who don’t necessarily want basic blue pool colors. Sandstone liners are often used to make the pool appear aqua in color or adopt more of lagoon look. If you want an aqua colored pool, it is advisable to pair it with gray options such as skimmers, steps, coping, or slides for optimum aesthetics.

4. Vivid Blue

This is somewhat darker than aqua and light blue color profiles. They appear to brighter in direct sunlight, and will give off a vibrant color that will draw much attention to your pool. This richer and louder blue color appeals naturally to the eye, and can be paired with any type of landscaping or patio furniture. The look is common, and it is what new pool owners looking to install luxurious or high quality swimming pools opt for.

These are the most common pool color variations. Hopefully, the list has helped you narrow down your choice a little bit—even if it is eliminating one to two color profiles.

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