What To Do When Confronted With Aggressive Stray Dogs

There are times when we might wander into unfamiliar neighborhoods and get confronted with a pack of dogs. This is an incredibly uncomfortable position that can quickly turn dangerous if we aren’t careful. If you ever get into this situation, then try to keep your wits about you and do the following:

Breathe and Stay Calm

It is very easy to panic when you are confronted with aggressive dogs. Even those that are silent can seem menacing if they try to surround you from all sides. You can feel trapped and helpless. The important thing is not to give into this primal fear. While this is a potentially dangerous situation, you can get out of it without so much as a scratch if you play your cards right. Behave in a way that will prevent things from escalating. Breathe deeply if you are feeling anxious to calm your nerves. You will be able to think more clearly this way.

Study Your Surroundings

Look around you. Study your surroundings as you may be able to find things that can help you get out of this predicament. For example, you might see an escape route that you can take in case the dogs try to get closer. Maybe there are people passing by that you can ask for help. Perhaps there are certain items in your immediate environment that you can use to defend yourself. Think fast. Act fast. Don’t wait until they have pinned you into a corner. Move slowly into an open area that will allow you to see others.

Try to Calm Them Down

The dogs will be sensitive to your every move. Be sure not to give them any reason to get more aggressive than they already are. Do not try to run. There is a good chance that they will easily outrun you and bite your leg when they catch up. Stay still or walk very slowly if possible. Send them signals that will show them that you are not a threat. For example, try to yawn as they will recognize this as a sign of sleepiness. They might even start yawning, too. Avoid having eye contact with any of them.

Use Distractions

If they still haven’t backed off, then you may try to use distractions as a last resort. Those who are happen to be carrying food might see if throwing it to the dogs will appease them. Perhaps the smell is the actual reason why they began to follow in the first place. If that doesn’t work, then use your extra layers of clothing to protect vulnerable areas. Tie your jacket or sweatshirt around your waist to shield your legs from bites. In case the worst case happens, contact dog bite attorneys immediately to help you get proper compensation.

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