Benefits Of Raw Concrete Homewares

People usually buy homewares that are made from materials like metal, plastic and wood, but Raw Concrete Homewares have recently come onto the market and are becoming increasingly popular for the following benefits they offer:

Their durability — since it is a material normally used to construct homes and other large buildings, durability is the most obvious benefit of these products. Unlike wooden items, those made from concrete will not rot or get blown over even in the strongest winds. Concrete items retain their shape and are both chip and scratch resistant. With proper care, these products will last for a lifetime.

They are extremely versatile — concrete can be formed into any shape, allowing it to be used to make bowls, plates, pots, vases, paper weights, coasters, trays and a whole lot more. It can also be used to create items like stools, clocks, candle holders, soap dishes sinks, benches jars, tables, chairs, lighting fixtures and lamps and just about anything else imaginable.

Heat resistant — concrete is known for its resistance to fire and heat, one of it’s biggest advantages over wooden products. Fire and heat will not damage this material in any way, even if you place a hot pot taken directly from the stove onto it. This is why it’s become a popular material for making candle holders. Even if left to burn down completely, the candle flame will not harm the holder at all.

Affordability — the ingredients used in the manufacture of cement are plentiful and cheap and the procedure to mold the products into the desired shapes is also relatively simple and inexpensive, so the end products can have competitive prices on the market. Craftspeople are in fact, preferring to use this material to create their handmade products with more attention to detail than typical store-bought items. Normally, this level of attention would put a huge increase on their products, but made from concrete, their items can still be sold at very reasonable prices.

Green construction — one of the most significant benefits of concrete is that it is eco-friendly. It is one of the best natural materials to be used in construction that has the least adverse effect on the environment. It also goes a long way in helping to protect natural resources. Raw Concrete Homewares are also considerably healthy, with little to no effect on those with allergies, since it contains no molds or contaminants.

Works well with other materials — this is yet another reason why architects love using concrete. It provides a beautiful canvas for their designs and works incredibly well with many other materials, including stone, metal and timber.

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