How To Restore Google Contacts To Your Phone

One of the reasons why we own mobile phones is so that we can be able to call our friends and family whenever we want to. As a result, the contacts list holds a special place among all the applications in our mobile phones. The app contains contact details of people we care about in our lives. Unfortunately, it is possible to lose all or some of our contacts for a variety of reasons. If you use an Android-powered device, here’s how to restore Google contacts.

Losing your contacts

Out of curiosity, people tend to tamper with their devices operating system in a bid to find out what makes it tick. In the process, we accidentally erase all or part of our saved contacts. Rooting, in particular, has the potential to wipe out your entire mobile data. Retrieving such information can be difficult especially when there’s no backup system.

Retrieving hidden contacts

If some contacts fail to appear on your contacts lists, there’s a high likelihood that they are concealed within your phone’s storage. Such a situation arises when people alter the “contacts to display” icon in their phones settings. To remedy such a case, open your contacts app hit the menu button and navigate the drop-down list till you come across the ‘contacts to display’ icon. Once here, tick all the boxes to display all contacts from all your accounts including Google.

Gmail to the rescue

Modern smartphones have a unique feature that lets you sync all your essential information (contacts, calendar and events) with your Google mail (Gmail) account. It is advisable that every time you add a new connection to your list, you back up a copy of the same to your Gmail account. If anything happens to your device and you lose all your SIM card contents, you can quickly sign into your Gmail account and import all contacts to your old or a new gadget.
The procedure is quite simple, you log in to your account, and on the right, you’ll see a drop-down menu. On the contacts tag, tick the restore tag then select a restoration period (by the hour, week, or month).

Rooting your device

Rooting becomes the go-to solution when all other methods fail to work. This procedure allows the user to gain access to databases that are not accessible during normal smartphone operations. Rooting is a delicate exercise and if not properly handled could kill your smartphone. Phone manufacturers highly discourage this practice, but if you approach a credible tech expert, you can salvage all your phone data including the phone book.

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