Best Buffalo Wings In Chicago

Chicken wings in Chicago are among the very best in America. From the tremendously spicy Buffalo wings to the classic versions and everything in between, something is definitely on the list for everybody. It is almost a universal belief that wings are among the tastiest snacks around. Below are some of the best Buffalo wings in Chicago:

Jake Melnick’s

This Chicago staple is renowned for having some of the best wings around. Jake Melnick’s is the ideal place to go get wings with family or friends on Monday to Thursday nights. It is a cool sit down location with a laid back yet fascinating atmosphere, very good wings, great bar and decent pricing for the area.

Wing enthusiasts can be heard buzzing about this eatery and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. There is absolutely no denying that this place provides some pretty amazing wings for even the fussiest aficionado. They offer a wide variety of flavors, the wings are not outrageously priced and they have adequately solid girth. Jake Melnick’s is simply an ideal relaxing environment in which you can chill and enjoy some delicious wings.

Buffalo Wings & Rings

This best Buffalo wings in Chicago spot offer a family-friendly dining environment in which you can gather with loved ones and enjoy your favorite sport in a relaxed space. However, the amazing food will be the thing that keeps you coming back for more. The wings are always fresh, never frozen. They can be ordered in a range of delightful styles with several sauces.


Output Lounge in the Ukrainian Village has the personal favorite wings of many enthusiasts in Chicago. The joint offers approximately 1000 flavors, the wings have impressive girth and they are well priced. In addition, this is the ideal location to watch your favorites play on a Sunday. The atmosphere is quite laid back and the bartenders are warm and friendly. Additionally, there is a good selection of beer to complement the wings of your choice.

Output Lounge has long been touted as being among the best of the best when it comes to feasting on top-quality wings. A large number of wing lovers view this food joint as being leaps and bounds above other places that are more commercially popular. However, there is no denying that Output has amazing wings from top to bottom. If you have never had them, you should definitely consider taking a trip to Grand and Damen as soon as possible.

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