Kid Entrepreneurs: Investing And Making Money At An Early Age

There is a popular saying to the effect that entrepreneurial ability does not necessarily go with age. Over the years, the world has witnessed many kid entrepreneurs who achieved things at relatively tender ages. People who think kids cannot invest successfully or set up profitable business ventures need to think again. It is possible to have kid entrepreneurs in many countries. It all comes down to the right attitudes, exposure and focus. Now, nobody is born with the investment ability of investors like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Rupert Murdoch. However, your children can become entrepreneurs if they imbibe the habits below.

Look for Opportunities

Great investors always look out for moneymaking opportunities. This is a great starting point for the would-be investor. The thing is opportunities do not quite from the drop into your laps from somewhere in outer space. You need to make a conscious effort to seek opportunities and benefit from them. This is what all great entrepreneurs do and this is what you should if you want to be like them.

Develop Ideas

Making money as an entrepreneur is all developing the right business ideas and putting these ideas to work in an innovative and result-oriented way. Ted Turner had the idea of 24-hour television long before it became common. He put this idea into practice and today, he is a multi-billionaire. He also had the idea that investing in land is a win-win situation. Today, Ted Turner is America’s largest landowner. Other investors who had great ideas and acted on them include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jack Ma. These investors had great ideas, acted on them and today, they are billionaires.


Thomas Edison was spot on when he stated that success is 99% perspiration and just 1% inspiration. If you want to be a kid entrepreneur, you need tons of determination. If you try at first and you do not succeed, you should not throw in the towel. Keep trying and you will eventually succeed. In the world of entrepreneurship, there are no shortcuts and there is no substitute for hard work. You pay your dues and you get the prize. This is true about brick and mortar businesses and it is true about online companies too.

Final Word

It is not very easy to be a young entrepreneur but it is not a mission impossible. Imbibe and apply the tips above you just might hit your first million while you are still a teenager.

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