Cell Tower Lease Buyouts: What You Should Know

When it comes to cell tower lease buyouts, you might be wondering what they exactly are and what are the benefits? Those questions will be answered throughout the rest of this article.

What Are They

A buyout is when the owner of the property that a cell tower is on decides to sell his lease or it’s when they lease to an acquisition company for a pre-determined sum of cash. What you can get for your lease depends on several factors.

It’s worth pointing out that when new cellular towers need to be built by a wireless carrier, they’ll typically find land owned by people. If you own land, then you would let the company install a tower, but you’ll need to enter into a lease agreement. In turn, you receive monthly rent.

The Benefits

First, if you need cash for anything, then this is a great option. Some people do it because they want to pay off bills, debt or their college tuition to name a few. Sometimes they need cash for medical reasons or for emergency purposes, such as home repairs or vehicle repairs.

Second, the funds can be used for investment purposes. If you want to buy a piece of real estate or start your own business, then you’ll want plenty of money to do it. The cash you receive from a buyout may result in having enough money to do your investments. You might be surprised at how much you can get.

Finally, you can get out of your agreement. However, you’ll probably still be required to keep the tower on your property. Other than that, you won’t be tied to a lease agreement. It doesn’t matter what you need cash for, this is a good way to get it fast.

The bottom line is a buyout results in cash. However, there are many factors that will play a role in how much you’ll receive. This includes how old the tower is, how much monthly rent you’re currently getting and the company you are dealing with. This is why it is crucial to get professional help if you want to do a lease buyout of your cell tower.

Are you interested in having a cell tower lease buyouts placed on your property? Maybe you already do and you want to make cash via a cell tower lease buyout. Regardless, make sure you do additional research before you make any final decisions.

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