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Once upon a time, embroidery was done by hand using a cross-stitch. It used to be expensive and was considered a fine luxury. A shirt might have a small embroidered figure and little else. Today, it is possible to order shirts, hats, and totes with embroidered logos and words. If large designs were done by hand, it would cost a fortune, but not it is possible to order inexpensive embroidery Perth teams are eager to take advantage of.

A stitched logo is more expensive than a printed logo, but it stands out so much better. It suggests status and a professional presence. The colors of thread tend to be brighter and have a slight shimmer. The extra dimension of layered thread also makes the logo or words stand out. It is worth the extra money if making an impact is highly desired.

A business owner or team operator might still mull over the cost of embroidery, but there is nothing to fear. Automation technology makes ordering embroidered products fast and easy. An order is much cheaper today than in the past, thanks to fully automated robots with computer control. Human labor might still feature in finishing the product, but robotic stitching machines are as precise as a printer. The image goes in, and a perfect stitch replica goes out.

The number of thread colors used might or might not factor into the final cost of the design. If unusual colors are specifically requested, then the might have to be inserted into the assembly line. Otherwise, the print is done using a standard set of threads, and color differences are improvised by using the closest match. It really is possible for a robot to control dozens of threads into the same stitching machine to create precise results.

In the past, embroidery Perth was used on team jackets and was a tool only economical for companies and sports teams that ordered this service in bulk. Today, it is easily accomplished by scanning a pattern into a computer with software sophisticated enough to work out all the kinks. For more complicated patterns, it pays to hire a designer for better results, but simple logos designed by the owner can be effectively used as long as formatting requirements are followed.

Stitching is not as accurate as photo printing, and it is recommended that a logo uses a few main colors. This makes the job easier and also makes the logo more recognizable because it is solid. More complex patterns are both more expensive and less easily digested by the eye and brain.

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