Choosing Color Contact Lens

Colored contact lenses are available in a range of colors. However, the colors have different densities and patterns and they do not suit every skin type. Skin can have a warm, cool or neutral skin tone and you need to match your lenses to your skin tone.

Here is a quick guide to the different types of color contact lens that are available and how to match them to your requirements.

• Opaque lenses: These lenses are the most commonly available. They are completely opaque and mask the color of your eyes completely. These lenses are the best for changing your eye color completely, but they do appear a little flat-toned due to the completely opaque nature. These lenses are usually used to change the color of the eye completely and they suit nearly every skin type.
• Circle lenses: Equinox lenses are really beautiful-looking as they involve a dark ring around the iris. This creates a much more natural looking eye effective and are particularly beautiful on light-colored eyes. These lenses suit fair skin tones. For darker tones, you can choose amber, brown, or dark grey circle lenses.
• Color enhancement tints: These lenses are designed to add color to your existing eye color. For example, gold-flecked lenses are perfect for brown-colored eyes or green tints for blue-colored eyes.
Apart from cosmetic tints, you will also find lenses that are designed for specific activities like sports lenses that increase vision and depth perception and stage lenses to are worn for specific occasions like Halloween.

As a general rule, warm skin tones seem to do really well with brown or light blue colored lenses. Other colors that do well with warm skin tones include amber, light-gold colors, hazel or browns. For neutral skin tones, almost every color seems to be a good match. Choose from brown, honey, grey, green, violet to amber. For cooler skin tones, lighter tones like grey, silver, or blue to darker shades of these same colors seem to match very well. We also recommend matching your hair color and skin color to your contact lenses.

We recommend also trying out tints at your local eye doctor before making a final decision. Most eye doctors will custom-create your lenses for your eyes, especially if you require prescription lenses. Having a fitting will ensure that your lenses fit correctly and provide the necessary vision correction. Make an informed decision and make sure your lenses are maintained in top condition for daily wear.

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