Effective Head Lice Control

Head lice control is a process to remove lice that is one big problem that most children and adults face and they look out for ways to get rid of the head lice. While one option for the lice control is to go for prescription insecticides however some of these insecticides may contain some toxic elements are not suitable for children. Often these treatment options do not work on adults and leave them frustrated as well. Another problem is that over the years the lice are more resistant to prescription treatment. There are some remedies for head lice control that gives a better result as opposed to some commercial procedures for lice removal.

Firstly keep a check on activities that may lead to lice problems. Children are more open to catch lice from other children rather than adults. However, in both cases, it starts with a tingling and itching feeling in the head. Use regular shampoo for yourself and your kids to keep the hair clean, and avoid the situation of lice infestations, however, if you or your children catch this infestation, instead of panicking lookout for some easy and immediate treatment options to get rid of the lice. You should be cautious as the mites may release eggs in the head and multiply rapidly!

Nitpicking and combing are one of the most effective ways for lice control. In this method, you will comb the hair section by section using a unique Nit Comb to remove the lice. This method is the first line of action for lice removal, and if the spread is not huge, you will get rid of lice this way.

Olive oil is an active agent that smothers the lice. Using olive oil on your hair will suffocate the lice, and one approach is to apply olive oil to hair and cover it with a shower cap and leave it overnight. After that use a comb, and it will remove the lice as they will not be sticking to the hair shafts due to the application of olive oil in the hair roots.

If nothing else works, you may reach out to a doctor and seek his opinion on using lice shampoos. The neurotoxin the shampoo will kill the lice and also eliminate their eggs. However, if you have allergies or misuse these shampoos, there are a risk of side effects. You should follow this method only under the prescription and observation of a doctor.

All in all, you do not have to panic with the head lice problem as this may be an irritating problem, but with precautions and lice control you will be able to avoid or treat this condition.

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