Get The Best Instant Turf In Adelaide

The best way to improve the functionality and appearance of an outdoor space is to install a lush green lawn. Unfortunately, growing grass from seeds takes months, and the germination rate leaves a lot to be desired. This means that after waiting months to have a lush green lawn, you might end up with a lawn with patches of bare soil. Another option that may be available to you is to plant grass cuttings in rows across the yard. This will take only a few weeks to grow. Unfortunately, you might only have a few days to create a great lawn. In such a case, you can decide to install artificial turf, but this is costly, and you might not really want a synthetic lawn on your property. The best option at your disposal is to plant instant turf in Adelaide. This is simply sod, which can be laid over a well-prepped surface. Since the grass is already growing, it will take a matter of hours or a few days to get attached to the ground. In a few days, you will have a thriving lawn in your yard.

How Instant Lawn is Created

The first step in the process of creating instant turf is germinating grass. This is usually done in a special facility, usually a warehouse with controlled temperatures. Grass is put in trays and sprinkled with water. Artificial light is also used at the facility. As the grass seeds absorb water, they start will start germinating. After germination, water soluble nutrients are applied to the germinating grass. After a couple of weeks, grass can be seen growing. The roots will get tangled up to form a tight knit with the leaves growing longer and longer. This is what is normally referred to as instant turf.


The installation process normally starts with surface preparation. All existing grass and top soil are removed. Next, a suitable type of soil is imported to the area and mixed with fertilizers. The surface must then be leveled using a rake before being irrigated. Once the area is drenched in water, the instant turf can be installed. This is best done in the evening or early in the morning. After installation, further irrigation must be done. After a couple of hours, the roots would have penetrated the soil and voila! You have instant turf in your yard. The service is offered by licensed landscaping companies. Ideally, you should pick the most experienced firm that has a great reputation. The ideal firm should also be insured and bonded. The quote they provide should also be competitive.

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