Guide To Special Event Entertainer

When hosting a business event in the United States or Canada, it is important to enlist the services of comedian or magician to entertain the guests. There is some information that you absolutely must provide to your guests in the invitation card. The first is to clearly request confirmation by a fixed date. This will greatly facilitate the organization of the entire party. Here is a list of the info to write in your invitation card.

If you are celebrating in a club or restaurant, you may indicate the location’s telephone number and Special Event Entertainer. If someone gets lost he would know who to ask for information. If instead the party will take place outdoors, it would be advisable to explain what will happen in case of rain, for example: in case of bad weather the party will take place at a specific venue.

Finally, indicate clearly if parents must remain at the party. You can do it in a nice way, with phrases like: we have provided an area for parents. You can leave your child at 16.30 and resume at 19.00, we will take care of everything.

It also indicates whether brothers and sisters are welcome. The number of participants at a birthday party is certainly one of the worst unknowns to deal with when organizing a party. Everything is changed according to the number of children and parents: the space you need, the accompanying cake buffet, the number of animators, etc. For this reason, preparing the invitation cards in the correct manner partly stems the problem.

The choice of the number of guests depends on the type of party you want to do. Based on our experience, we can advise you to invite as many as possible because the number of guests does not match the number of those attending the party. If you invite 20 people, do not expect everyone to arrive. We can give a small general rule: those present at the event will be about 75% of the people invited to whom you will always have to add any additional guests who will enjoy the Special Event Entertainer.

In which day of the week does the party take place? Fixing the party on the birthday is always recommended, but otherwise, the choice of the day must be evaluated well: if we have a day of the week without commitments it might be useful to celebrate it that day, to have more free time for the organization ; we must also consider the needs of our child, of the guests and try to understand what date may be the right choice for everyone.

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