Important Tips For The Perfect Golf Pitch

Golf pitching is an important aspect of your game. The pitch is perfect for hitting above a hurdle, like a greenside bunker, where there isn’t much room to operate between the hole and the hazard. Setting up the pitch is not very different from a full shot. You just have to be wary of some minor adjustments.

Important Golf Pitching Tips

The point that most golfers get incorrect is they tend to push the ball to give it some flight, instead of creating a downward strike. Also, their backswing usually is a bit too long, which means they pretty much always have to slow down at the time of impact. The following tips should help you get your golf pitching fundamentals right.

Choke up marginally by positioning both your hands lower. Such a grip position would increase your awareness of the distance, get you close to the ball, and enhance your club control. Narrow your stance to make sure your feet are tightly positioned slightly in relation to your shoulders. You would not need a complete body rotation for the pitch. This means your weight transfer and balance will not be affected.

Slightly pull your left leg to make an “open” stance. It will feel as if you are aiming toward the target’s left, which is recommended in this case. Your swing would slash across the ball, enhancing the loft of the club and giving the ball a lot more time in the air.

Also, make sure you stand in the center of your stance with the ball and slightly press your hands forward (to the target) at the point of address. Ensure your hands are marginally in front of the clubhead at the time of ball contact.

Place some additional weight on the left side of your body if you are a right-handed player and the other way around if you are a leftie. This should help with stability and keep things steady throughout the pitch shot.

The swing’s pace and length ascertain the distance the ball would travel. Before you attempt your shot, practice the pitch at the range to create a feel for the actual shot. If you are facing issues getting your pitch shots right, the fix could be something as simple as an adjustment in weight distribution or ball position.

As with all golf shots, explore different cures and tips until you narrow down on a combination that works the best for you.

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