Save Wizard PS4 Max

PlayStation 4 is considered by many as the best console out there in terms of the available titles and the gaming experience. However, there are some thing gamers wished were present that just aren’t there. For example, they might want to transfer a save from a friend into their console. This used to be a standard feature but now it is gone. Save Wizard PS4 Max can bring this back. It can even allow you to perform better by using cheats. You can max out your ammunition, use up a massive amount of money, and get higher character stats for stress-free games.

How It Works

Save Wizard is a program that runs on a PC, not the PS4 itself. There are also beta versions for Mac and Linux. Users should save their games on a USB drive and insert it in the PC. Save Wizard will detect the supported saves. People can then choose to apply cheats to the individual saves quickly and easily. After the cheats have ben applied, the USB drive can be removed from the computer and inserted back to the PS4 console for transfer. Copy the new versions and load the game. You should see the modified stats thanks to the cheats you applied.

Game Support

Note that this program will not work in all games. Only those which have been bought in Europe, the US, and the Pacific will be compatible. Those bought from Japan will unfortunately be supported because of a law that specifically forbids modifying saves. However, Japanese games that were sold outside Japan can still be supported. The point of sale is crucial. Also note that this program only works for offline saves since the effects are localized and the players should be well aware of the cheats. The developer actively discourages online cheating as this is against the rules and may result in bans. You should check the gaming laws in your country as well.


There is no need to modify anything on the console itself to make this work. The changes happen with the saves inside a PC. In case you changed the license and get an error message when trying to run the wizard, then try some troubleshooting steps. Set exceptions to the firewall to make sure that it can access the Internet. Enable the outgoing port 8082 in the router. Verify that you have a good license key.

The Save Wizard PS4 Max is a powerful tool for gaming.

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