Is Investing In Solar Power Viable In Brisbane?

Investing in solar power means a lot and most Brisbane residents opt for it for various reasons. Two of the top reasons is cutting down energy bills and improving the environment. Many homeowners are also aware that solar power plays a critical role in upgrading a home, thus boosting their property value.

However, all these benefits come with significant costs (such as installation and maintenance costs), and the magnitude of benefits that a homeowner stands to gain may vary. So, is it something you should consider? Well, to help you make a sound decision, here are a few facts you need to know about solar power Brisbane.

As aforementioned, one of the top benefits of solar power is lower energy costs. However, the amount that you will save depends on the amount of solar energy that you can produce given the available climatic conditions in your area. Generally, being closer to the equator is better but other factors should also be considered.

Your home’s orientation also matters. For rooftop arrays, south-facing homes without object obstructing sunlight tend to maximize the available energy. Without such orientations, you may need to mount your solar panels on external supports and install them away from your house, which implies that you will have to incur additional costs for the extra cables and hardware.

Solar power generation is higher during summer, thus corresponds well to your overall energy demand considering that it is these times that ACs consumes the most power. Consequently, solar power is vital because the alternative methods of energy production such as the use of gas power plants (that are often used to meet peak energy plants) tend to be expensive.

It is possible to sell solar-generated electricity to utility companies in Brisbane. This is done through net metering plans, where you use the power that you put into the grid (when the rate of power generation from your solar panels is higher than the rate of your electricity consumption) to offset the power that your household consumes at other times. Your monthly electricity bill will reflect the net energy consumption.

Final Verdict

Determining whether to join the solar power Brisbane bandwagon may seem like a hard decision to make, but it is vital to remember that it is a long-term investment. In many locations in Brisbane, solar power is a great choice from a financial viewpoint. But even if the cost of installation and maintenance is marginally higher than electricity purchased from utility companies, installing solar power could still help you avoid future fluctuations in energy costs.

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