What You Need To Know About Medical Mystery Fiction

Most Americans love medical mystery fiction books. In the US, 53% of people read fiction and 43% read non-fiction. The most favorite fiction category is mystery and suspense, 19% of readers love it. More women than men buy fiction books, 55% women and 45% men.

The best medical mystery writers of all time include Robin Cook, Michael Palmer, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reich, and Tess Gerritsen. Most of these writers never intended to pursue writing. They were practicing medical practitioners who ended up being novelists by accident. Tess Gerritsen wrote her first novel when she was on maternity leave.

In medical mystery fiction, there is a mysterious crime or death. The plot of the novel revolves around solving the mystery. There will be a circle of suspects. Each suspect has a credible motive. There is also a protagonist.

Medical mystery fiction heightens feelings such as anxiety, anticipation, surprise, excitement, and suspense. It will put you on the edge of the seat as the plot builds towards the climax. There might be the cover-up of vital information. Common literary devices that writers of mystery novels usually employ include cliffhangers, plot twists, and red herrings.

A medical mystery story will not lack suspense. This element will give you pleasurable fascination and excitement. The element of suspense will also cause tension and anticipation. The suspense of a medical mystery will keep you hooked to the book or the movie until the last page or the last scene.

In fact, you will most likely complete reading a good medical mystery novel. However, for most other books, you might not read to the end. In the US, 57% of new books are not completed.

An avid reader will find it hard to put down a medical thriller until the last word. That is because the medical fiction genre is a niche of endless imagination. In some cases, there is the possibility of advanced genetic engineering causing global mayhem. In another scenario, there can be the onslaught of a bio-war.

One of the best medical mystery fiction books is Outbreak by Robin Cook. The plot of this book revolves around a deadly Ebola virus outbreak in the United States. The protagonist in the book, Dr. Marissa Blumenthal, who is a virologist at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), believes that the outbreak is a planned conspiracy. Before she unravels the whole conspiracy, her life is in danger. In 1995, the Outbreak was adapted into a movie.

A good medical thriller will not fail to excite. That is because of an interesting plot that involves many twists and turns. There may also be characters like psychopaths, stalkers, private eyes, and sociopaths.

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