Pet Travel Checklist: Safety Tips For A Last Minute Move

Life can sometimes throw a big surprise on your way, and you may find yourself needing to relocate to another city with very little warning. Moving is always a stressful process, and if you are short on time and have a pet too, it can be a challenging life endeavor to maneuver. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a smooth and safe relocation though. Here are a few safety tips that you need to take into account to make your life smoother:

1. Keep your pet’s head, legs, and arms inside the car

Many pets love to put their head out of the window or to ride in the back of trucks. However, it is not always safe. It not only exposes them to risks of being hit by other traffic or roadside object but the pet can also get debris in their eyes or lungs leading to more complications. Some pets can also jump out of the car window while you are driving or when the car is stopped and get lost or run into traffic.

2. Keep your pet off the front seat

A lot of accidents are caused by distracted driving. 30 percent of people admit to being distracted by their pets while driving, according to a recent study. Accordingly, always ensure that your pet is not in the front seat. Pets should be in the back seat or cargo area. If you cannot keep your pet in the back seat, you can purchase backseat barriers and fit them between the two front seats of your car to effectively keep the pet in the backseat.

3. Restrain the pet for added safety

To ensure that your pet is safer, invest in a pet crate or harness to restrain them. If the pet require more freedom, opt for a harness and seat belt tether to give them lead to lay or sit down but still protect them in case of an accident. If your pet needs more movement, you can connect the harness to zipline that runs to the backseat, allowing it to walk back and forth. Although this may not be as safe as seatbelt tether, it will keep the pet out of the front seat.


As long as we love our pets, the excitement of a road trip plus the audio and visual simulation of a drive can produce unusual behaviors in them that you can only deal with when you are not behind the wheel. The above 3 tips are some of the fundamental aspects that you need to remember when moving with your pet. Alternatively, you can always seek the help of pet transport services to help your relocate your pet smoothly.

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