Top Trends Expected In The Music App For Toddlers Industry In 2018

Many toddlers are growing with apps, television, and various forms of digital media as part and parcel of their lives. This has resulted to an upsurge of demand for learning and music apps for toddlers. To cater for this rising demand, a wide range of companies continue to explore the potential of tablets and apps for kids. So what do they have in store in 2018? Well, here are some top trends to look out for:

1. Parents As Part Of The Process

Toddlers do not use the apps alone, but that doesn’t mean that they should be looked at as just digital babysitters. Developers for toddlers’ music apps have become increasingly aware of the fact that parents will often be sitting alongside their toddlers and being active part of the process.

The developers have also become more focused on the idea of parental interfaces, where parents can log in and see what the toddlers have been doing, and how the apps improving their music education skills. Another encouraging trend that developers are expected to focus on in 2018 and beyond are toddlers’ music apps that educate parents as well, especially those that suggest non-digital activities to follow on the learning.

2. More Features To Explore Rhythm And Melody

For years, there is one thing that is potentially very powerful yet largely untapped when it comes to development of apps for kids: interacting with or creating music from scratch. This may not be available specifically for toddlers, but for kids between the age of 6 and 9, it can be a fun way of recording music. However, apps should not be taken as replacements for musical instruments, but there is a lot of fun that can be derived from them as new ways of exploring rhythm and melody.

Yes, toddlers sing too. It may sound unrealistic, but the truth is, a moment you expose a toddler to music apps, they are going to begin singing too. Until recently, this was something that was ignored by many developers of apps for toddlers. In future, we are going to see music apps that are going to aim at putting music creation tools at the hands of the toddlers to create their own music: whether it is the songs that they imitate or just sounds that they can pick from their environments.


Although apps are great for toddlers’ development, they shouldn’t replace other activities such as riding bikes, scribbling pictures, playing, and doing other things away from the screens. Hopefully, developers are going to realize this in future and include more awareness of the way music app for toddlers can be used as one of the many ways a toddler explores particular interest.

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