The Basic Things You Need To Know About Buttock Filler Injections

Round, shapely derrieres are THE body part of the moment and while there are people blessed with an ample butt, many of us have to go the extra mile to get the ideal pert backside. Some exercises can work the muscle in the area but they may not always let you achieve the volume you desire. When you want better mass in your butt, you need buttock filler injections.

What are Butt Fillers?

Fillers are injectable substances that are applied under the skin to create volume and smooth out lines and creases. These substances consist of volumizing substances similar in consistency to gel.

Buttock filler injections are considered an excellent alternative to surgery. Fillers are not only cheaper but they also require very little (if at all) downtime. The safest butt fillers are dermal fillers. These come in a variety of preparations which may include collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), and poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra). Of these, Sculptra has shown promise in terms of results and longevity. Sculptra triggers the body to produce collagen to envelop the injected substance, creating more volume.

Advantages of Injectable Butt Fillers

The best advantage that injectable butt fillers offer is that the results are subtle. Fillers can also change the shape and contour of the buttocks to make them appear bigger and lifted. Buttock injectables are also the preferred procedure of people who do not want to undergo liposuction to harvest fat such as in a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Getting injectable butt fillers is also a non-surgical outpatient procedure. It is significantly less painful than a surgical butt lift or augmentation. If you would feel anything at all, it will be a little soreness in the butt area. After the procedure, you can go to work on the very same day and resume more physical activities such as exercising at least 24 hours later.

On the downside, injectable fillers are non-permanent and will require another treatment after several months or years, depending on the type of substance used. The results are also not as dramatic as those obtained from more invasive procedures.

What to Watch Out For

Injectable butt augmentation solutions that contain silicone should never be considered. Silicone is illegal because it is unsafe. A trusted plastic surgeon will never recommend injectable silicone for butt enhancement. It may be considered as an implant material for buttocks enhancement surgery but never as an injectable option.

It is also important to undergo the procedure with a trained, licensed plastic surgeon in a clinical or hospital setting. This will ensure that the procedure will be performed correctly and safely, and that any risks and adverse side effects are minimized.

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