Tips On How To Plant Trees

Planting a tree is one thing, but making the tree survive is another thing. It all depends on the way you plant it and the conditions available for it to grow. So what are the best ways to plant trees? Depending on your understanding of the whole practice, the styles can vary from one person to the other. But having the right methods matters the most, and if you are looking to add some trees, all you want is to see them grow. And to ensure you achieve this dream, the article is going to share some of the best ways to have your seedling turn out to be that tree you always dream of having.

Steps on How to Plant Trees

Prepare the right Planting Hole

When preparing a planting hole, ensure it is at least three times bigger and broader than the tree roots but not deeper than the overall plant. This is to ensure that the plant roots get enough growing and expanding space as it tries to cope up with the previous environment. You can look for a flare of the trunk around the planting soil. When planting, ensure that you don’t put any part of the plant in the ground, only the root and a small extension of the stem. The point is that even in the tree nurseries, ensure you uproot it carefully that its root has zero injuries or fewer injuries.

Plant high

Make a step of going further by ensuring that you place shrubs and trees in their new planting place up to 25% of the overall root ball and ensure that it rests higher than the surrounding soil. Taper the ground to ensure that you cover up all the roots and try to add a generous soil layer to act as a mulch. The topsoil tends to shrubs and settles the best ways to plant trees quickly below succumb and grade to the plant root. You should always do this in the morning or the evening when the sun rays are weak. This is to reduce water loss due to respiration.

Make it a Daily Water Routine

Make a daily watering routine for the young plant to ensure that you have at least two watering sessions. One in the morning and the other in the evening. Avoid at all costs watering the tree in the afternoon because, at this time, the sun is intense. Make sure that the tree maximizes the water, not the sun avoid evaporation by providing shade or doing the watering at night.

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