The Commonest E Collar Training Mistakes And Their Solutions

If you are planning to train your dog to obedient and cooperative, it’s possible that you are considering several training methods. One particular technique that you have to think about is the use of an e-collar, otherwise known as a shock collar or a remote collar. This is a device that is put on your dog to shape its behavior. It’s more of correcting the dog than teaching it new concepts. E collar dog training has its fair share of concerns. Fortunately, a majority of the mistakes are either correctable or avoidable. Here are solutions to four common mistakes.

1. Using the E-Collar Without a Written Policy

This is a criminal offense by itself. It’s punishable by law. You are not supposed to use a shock collar without a written policy. You need to get the policy from the authorities. It outlines how to properly handle the device and how to use it safely on the dog. The policy should also state whether the use of the collar is mandatory or just elective, leaving you (the dog handler) with some discretion for work and training.

2. Using the E-Collar as a Temporary Solution

Some dog handlers only use the e-collar when they want their dog to pass a specific certification standard. When it does, they stop using it without confirming if the dog has been properly shaped or not. You need to make the training a continuous thing until the dog is well shaped and it’s fully obedient.

3. Using the E-Collar Without the Right Training

When you are not trained on the proper use of the E-collar or you simply don’t have a strong foundation on basic dog training techniques that incorporates effective use of the E-collar, there are a lot of things that could go wrong, including:

• The dog becoming very aggressive

• The dog lacking consistency

• The dog becoming disobedient

Enroll in an e collar dog training class before you introduce the device to your dog.

4. You and the Dog Becoming Collar-Dependent

An e-collar is meant to shape the dog to be obedient and is not meant to be used always. You should be able to instruct your dog when the e-collar is off and the dog should be able to listen to you. You should not use the e-collar at all times. Use it periodically until the dog learns to obey your voice.

When you become aware of the common mistakes that most dog trainers face when using e-collars, it becomes easy to avoid them. With the above basics, you can use the device accordingly and be able to shape your dog as you have ever wanted.

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