Top 3 Things To Do To Ensure That Your Wedding Band Hits The Rights Notes On Your Big Day

On your big day, there will be tons of details to take care of. Because you want the day to be perfect, music should set the scene for your ceremony and reception. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that the Sydney wedding band that you hire hits the right notes on your big day:

1. Avoid hiring a band that will play solely for the ceremony

There are lots of Sydney wedding bands for hire, so ensure that you get the best bang for your money. If you only hire a band to play for your ceremony time, your guests may walk into an empty of silence and wonder whether or not they are in the right place.

Strive to go for a band that can play in your pre-ceremony as well. This will help keep your ceremony on track and ensure that your guests get seated correctly and that your entrance is not overshadowed. You should also ensure that the band play 15-30 minutes after your ceremony has ended so that your attendees aren’t filing out in silence.

2. Assign someone to manage the request list

Sometimes, regardless of the “don’t play” list that you handed to your wedding band a few works ago, you’ll keep hearing songs that you blacklisted. While many bands or DJs understand the significance of not talking requests from just anybody, there are guests that can be pretty convincing. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, ensure that the reception entertainment team knows one person who is calling the shots. In other words, assign someone you trust to communicate with band about the music that is allowed.

3. Hire a band that’s ready to play long enough

Pictures, formalities, and toasts will eat up a lot of time at your wedding reception and you may only have a few hours of dancing, especially if you hired the band just for a few hours. When their contract time is up, most wedding bands in Sydney will simply leave irrespective of whether your guests have gotten their fill of music or not.

Accordingly, strive to hire a band that can go past the scheduled stop time, and let them know this before your wedding day. If your reception is schedule to end by 10pm, for instance, hire a band that can go up to 10.30 or 11.00 pm.

Your wedding is a celebration and not an award ceremony. Accordingly, opt for a band that’s ready to not only adhere to your requests but also one that has the creativity to play songs in a manner that compliment your ceremony.

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