Types Of Electrical Contractors In Arizona

Electrical contractors in Arizona provide a wide range of services. There are many things to consider when it comes to hiring an electrical contractor. The selected contractor should provide services of trained and qualified electricians. Some contractors operating in this area handle only small projects while others handle only commercial and industrial projects. It is important to call only a suitable contractor for the job. For large projects, the contractor should be able to arrange the required number of electricians who are qualified to work on complex electrical projects. Contractors providing Arizona electrical solutions help homeowners, business owners and other customers in various ways.

Residential Electrical Projects

Homeowners generally need services of electricians when they want to install or repair some electrical item. These services are needed at the time of building the home as well but at that time the electrical project is generally a part of the contract given to a house construction company. A residential electrical contractor can install all types of electrical items in homes and small dwellings. Residential electricians can fix the faults caused by overloading, faulty wiring, faulty device or accident in homes. They can install a new electrical outlet for a new appliance.

Commercial Electrical Projects

Electrical services are needed in shops, offices, clinics, factories and other commercial buildings. Electrical projects of a small shop, store or office can be handled even by a residential electrical contractor. However, large electrical works of a large building can be handled only by commercial Arizona electrical contractors. These projects require complex calculations related to the electricity supply, load and usage. Services of commercial electrical contractors are also needed for large residential projects. They help install all types of electrical appliances, equipment and light systems in commercial buildings.


Industrial places have large heavy duty machinery and equipment. These devices need high power electricity supply. Such projects can be handled only by commercial electricians who have good knowledge of electrical loads and demands of large machinery. They can also build, renovate, maintain and repair common electrical items used in industrial buildings and its surrounding areas. Electricians capable of handling industrial level projects can work on projects of large institutions like hospitals and educational centers.

Other Electrical Services

Some electrical contractors specialize in solar power systems. They offer complete start to end solution in this sector. Their electricians install the solar panels on the roof. They lay down the wiring inside the house and connect everything properly to the inverter and batteries. Finally, the power storage system is connected to the electrical supply system of the house. Services of specialist electricians are needed for large UPS systems, emergency generators, boar and RV, electricity use auditing, light control system and circuit mapping. They can be hired through electrical contractors in Arizona.

Electrical projects whether in home, office or a commercial building should be handled only by a trained and certified electrician. Faulty installation, repair and upgrade works of these items can put lives at risk. Improper installation increases the risks of frequent electrical problems, short-circuit and fire hazard.

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