What To Expect After A Venaseal Glue Treatment

You have been booked for a venaseal glue treatment next week. Although you are eager to have those uncomfortable and dull-looking red vessels on your legs removed, you can’t help but wonder how the recovery process has in store for you. Will it be painful to walk around? Will you have to stomach overwhelming side effects of the meds before you fully recover? If you have these concerns, don’t worry; you are definitely not alone.

Venaseal glue treatments in general always come with a myriad of questions—both surrounding the actual procedure and the aftermath of it. Thanks to technology, venaseal glue treatment is a minimally invasive unlike in the past. The recovery process is even faster and manageable.

Here is a guide to help you get a picture of what to expect after a venaseal glue treatment.

Recovery time

Any top varicose vein treatment expert can confirm that the duration of recovery is perhaps the number one cause of concern for many patients set to undergo varicose surgery or treatment. The straight answer to this is that it depends on the seriousness of the procedure. Less-serious procedures like laser treatment and ambulatory phlebectomy require anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks of recovery while serious procedures that involve both legs, for instance,will take longer to recover. Just be rest assured that 1-2 weeks after the operation, you will be well past the halfway mark as far as recovery is concerned.

Pain, swelling, and other side effects

Obviously, your body will not spring back after a vein procedure. You might spot some redness and inflammation here and there and warmth around the area of operation. The area might also have some tingling sensation since the affected vein hasn’t regained its flexibility. In other instances, you might feel numbness around the vein because of nerve irritation but all these will clear after a week or so.

Normal routine

You will be happy to know that apart from a few inconveniences, your life will probably assume its normalcy even after a vein procedure. You will need to avoid rigorous activities, high-impact exercises, and heavy lifting within the first month or so but after that, you can slowly ease into them.

Unless you have a serious spider vein surgical procedure, your body should resume 100% normal functioning after 6-month post-operation. Seek the advice of a varicose vein expert in case of extreme symptoms after the procedure. Remember that there are certain types of varicose veins that can put you at risk for a wide range of complications such as blood clots or open sores on the legs.

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