Drug Awareness Training Program

Drug awareness training program is one of the leading training focus in most organizations today. While in some organization it is a mandatory policy to take part in the drug awareness training programs, other smaller business volunteer to attend these training programs hosted by renowned industry specialists. The purpose of the training program is to aware potential employers and employee about the drug policies of the region and the penalties and sanctions a company can face on violating the drug policy. As a matter of litigation, all form of drug use is illegal and violates the drug prevention policies of all the organizations. It is in the legal right of the organization to take any action against the employee who takes illegal drugs such as termination, monetary penalty, and suspension from an ongoing job for a specified period.

For an employer, it is necessary to take part in the drug awareness training sessions to understand the obligations of the firm and business to set up policies to discourage the employees from drug use. If the employer is not aware of the drug policies, then the employees may indulge in taking drugs and not only the employee, but the employer may have to face legal consequences. It is in the constitutional right of the local jurisdiction to conduct an unannounced drug test at any business of there choosing. If the employers are aware of the drug policies, they will clear such drug testing for their employees without any difficulty.

One of the leading causes of weak workplace performance is drug addiction. If an employee is addict not only he affect his well being but is also non-productive at work and such potential employees can cause the employers revenue. Due to these reasons, all leading organizations hold drug awareness programs for the employer to understand the problem better and deal it with within the organizational policies.

Similarly, drug awareness programs are necessary for employees to fully understand the types of drug addiction and the consequences of doing drugs during employment. Many employees are not aware of the seriousness of drugs use and have no idea of the legal and workplace complications they may face if they fail a drug test. The training aims to educate the employees to refrain from any form of drug use and to seek immediate treatment if they have any substance abuse or drug addiction problem. Typically a drug awareness sessions can last from a few days to a week, and these sessions are a regular part of organizations and other facilities where it is necessary to hold this session at least once a year.

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