What Women’s Self Defense Classes In Parramatta Are About

It is very saddening when millions of women around the world are unable to walk alone at night. Most women cannot match the physical strength of the men, who are often the assailants. This is the reason why martial art classes like Kung Fu and Krav Maga are important. The trainings offer the women self-defense techniques that they can use against their attackers. Normally, females who opt for martial arts in Parramatta are better placed to fight rapists and robbers. The moves learnt are very simple but effective in defending yourself. Basically, the classes focus on the following self-defense techniques:

1. Counter Aggressive Grab Technique

This technique is important when your arm is pulled by force. You may also use it when your handbag is pulled from you by force. Instead of pulling away from the attackers, the move allows you to act with speed and efficiency kick the offenders. Before they realize it, they are down in pain and at your mercy.

2. Ground Attack Technique

At times, you may find yourself on the ground after an attack. It’s important to kick the attacker back. This happens in rape cases where the assailant is on top of you. The technique allows you to kick the attacker back with both feet. You can drive the kicking power from your hips. As soon as you get an opening, you should run fast and seek help.

3. Groin Kick

In the human body, the groin is among the most delicate and vulnerable parts. To get the most out of this technique, it is vital to judge your distance. If you are far, you can launch a long kick attack. If you are close to the assailant, you can attack him using your knee. This is one of the most important moves for a woman who is fending off a male attacker.

4. Outside Defense Technique

Often, the assailant will attack you from your back or sideways. It’s important to learn how to combat such an attack. The outside defense technique allows you to create room for fighting back. You are able to intercept the attacker’s move and hit him with a counter blow.


The techniques offered in women’s self defense classes are very practical and ideal for the modern woman. In addition to protecting yourself, practicing the moves on a daily basis is one surefire way of keeping fit. You’ll always walk with confidence when you know that you have the moves to neutralize an attack. It is time for women to take back the street and feel stronger.

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