Why Support NZ Vape Shops

If you have ever wondered what Vape shops do, well basically they are a popular source for buying E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes and other related products. However, due to the fact that the concept of vaping is not very well understood, the products that these stores sell, the way in which they market them and information that is provided on these items are also misunderstood.

Vaping, however, is a much healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes because instead of smoking, you are actually vaping. Also, the fact that the nicotine content in the e-liquids are much lower than that contained in the regular cigarettes is another health benefit. According to surveys most customers or approximately 84% used E-cigarettes. 19% of these users were dual users meaning that they smoked conventional cigarettes and vaped as well. 78% of vapors had quit smoking regular cigarettes altogether.

Most of the smokers who make use of vape shops are most likely interested in temporary abstinence and some of them interested in cutting down or quitting smoking altogether. Raping is definitely a better alternative to smoking as it eliminates certain health hazards that obviously combustion, nicotine and the rest of the chemicals contained in cigarettes create. Survey shops play a crucial role in creating a healthier society and therefore should be emplaced and given the support that they need.

These shops offer a wide variety of products in different price ranges. You can expect to find vaping devices, flavors of tobacco, your e-liquids and other necessities that all fit into the vaping category. There is a vape pen out there to suit every type of customer. So whether you are discrete and would like something small and compact that fits in your pocket or whether you are bold and daring and want of a pen that looks more like a cigar, your NZ vape shops will probably be able to cater to you. Lots of customers even going to the shops and ask for information and advice about quitting smoking. Approximately 90% of customers are those that have quit traditional smoking. Therefore vape shop staff. play a crucial role in providing customers with product information and providing advice on how to quit smoking and rather opt for vaping instead. So if you have never tried vaping before however you know that you need to quit smoking, now be the ideal time to try it out.

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