Morgan & Taylor Fascinators: Elegance In A Headpiece

Fascinators are elegant, chic, stylish, and reek of sophistication. They are ideal for formal occasions—especially royal weddings—as a perfect substitute for formal hats. The beauty of Morgan &Taylor fascinators is that they come in different designs and colors which gives you options on how you can wear them.

Fascinator Styles

How you wear a Morgan & Taylor fascinator depends on how it is designed. Firstly, these fascinators can be made either with beads, flowers, or feathers. In addition, most milliners would go ahead and add ornamental details with crystals, beads, loops of ribbon, or lace & crinoline.

There are different ways in which one can wear a fascinator. Some Morgan & Taylor fascinators are designed with a metallic headpiece that is worn on the head as a headband. On the other hand, there are fascinators that are designed with a stiff flat base and are secured on the head with bobby pins. A good example is fascinators made with lace and crinoline.

Fascinator Colors

The options are endless when it comes to choosing a fascinator with the perfect color. You can either go with a fascinator that blends in or completely standouts from your attire. The end goal is to ensure you stand out in your elegant head to toe ensemble.

Morgan and Taylor fascinators come in shades of beige, black, blue, blush, burgundy, and coral. Furthermore, the same headpiece can be worn in gold, green, grey, ivory or cream, and leopard details. To add some sass to your attire, play around with red, rose gold, or spice fascinators. For an ethereal look, a fascinator glimmering in gunmetal accents would be ideal.

Fascinator Prices

Word has it that a pristine fascinator worn by royalty was once auctioned for five figures on a popular e-commerce website. However, your Morgan & Taylor fascinator does not have to cost a fortune. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend to find yourself a bespoke fascinator.

The material, design, and ornamental detail will determine how much you pay for Morgan and Taylor fascinators. Also, if your fascinator was handcrafted by a celebrated milliner, the price tag is likely to be on the higher side. Fascinator prices can also be influenced by how popular a particular design or style is.


Morgan & Taylors fascinators are ideal for looking elegant in any formal occasion. They substitute your normal hats and come in different shades to match or contrast your attire. The most stylish fascinators can be costly, however, it is possible to buy them at discounted prices.

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